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How much do your charge clients when building with Elementor



New Member

I'm wanted to know what is the price I should charge when building website with Elementor Pro. The price which come to my mind is USD429 which equal to RM1800 in my country Malaysia. I just move to the big city which is Kuala Lumpur which the price is much more competitive. The price in my home town is around USD429 where the starting price in Kuala Lumpur is USD669.

Thank you. Hopefully someone will help me out with this matter because I'm going to start my business here in Kuala Lumpur as a freelancer soon.


New Member
It dont have a price because is elementor PRO or elementor FREE or any other builder.

First, you have to understand 1 thing.
How is the quality of your job?

Are you able to do a website with the same quality as your competitors?
Is your design worth the price you have in mind?
Is your content strategy worth the price?

Try do this. Understand by your competitors portfolio the quality of their websites, compare with your quality "be realistic here for your own good"
Even, if your quality is lower than them, dont means need to be less price, or if better, dont means need to be bigger price. But do a comparison.

Then, understand how much you believe should be your wage monthly
Do ex:
600 monthly : 160hours = your wage per hour is 3.75

To do a website you need for example 15 days, that is 120 hours x 3.75, means 450
That work worth 450? Compared with the prices of your competitors, they do that kind of websites at 700, and you think the quality of your work is better than them. COOL

Then, do it at 600, so, 600 : 120 = 5 by hour, your price got UP
in 1 month you can do 2 websites like that, means 1200 per month "can be or not"

Then, you understand that your quality is really better, you have portfolio, people like your jobs, jump to 800

Dont need to be PRO or FREE elementor to understand the price.
Understand the quality around you, compare to your quality, play with the prices till you have portfolio, then jump on price to bigger than them if your quality is also better.


New Member
Thank you for your reply. I appreciate it a lot. I read your reply and I'm like wow, it is true what you said that it is better to start small first. I'm like a newbie here in this town so I'm worried if I mark up the price to their level, people will question what I'm doing. Just to remind you, I'm from a small town where website prices starting from USD300.

To be honest, I have been 5 years doing a website with WordPress but apparently, I can only build by relying on a theme. But when I purchase Elementor Pro, it's like out of the box. I can control the header and footer, the landing page, and even the WooCommerce and forms look. This makes me easier to design with Adobe XD before applying it to WordPress.

Which because of the freedom I can do with Elementor, I start questioning my self the price I should set because I'm doing my design and the web building.

But I will try to do with what you had just suggested. I will make a research on the local market first then I will set my price. Thank you once again, you make me want to improve my quality of work.

I will try my best. Thank you once again Hakira. :)


New Member
@faruqi im glad i help in some way

Dont go much far, just to tell you a true story.
After i changed country to be with the person i am at moment, i needed to find a job to sustain ourselfs, so, i decided to go for websites bcs it is something i always loved and something i had as hobbie, and self educated and stuff.

I started this on upwork, afraid not be able to deliver good quality, even i was playing with wordpress for more than 3 years already
first jobs was a damnt hell.
First guy wanted a infinite job for 150 dollars, second guy wanted a lot of php for custom stuff and i didnt know it, so later i got out of job.
Then, i was trying to do some templates but i gave up on my self, bcs im not a designer, im more a guy who creates, build, fast, i have good understanding on how to apply css, html structure and stuff. But choosing design items is not for me.. colors, fonts, meh that sucks.

So, at moment, im working with my girlfriend, she do design on figma, and i build website.
We are at the start AGAIN, before i was working for a woman building some websites in elementor at 10Euros per Hour "is not much, believe me"
and it was around 20 / 30 hours per month

So, im starting, my prices at 350/400 because i need portfolio at moment, even i know that my quality of website is much more. Designs are good, not to much fancy / unnecessary stuff, they are beautiful, clean, and with a good detail / message
Structure of website is the most clean as possible for builders, im working with oxygen, optimization is the best it can be inside wordpress, websites on 1 / 1.5sec max
All responsive, backups, image otimization, Basic SEO onpage done.

i know my websites worth at least 800/1000
But i need portfolio, so i gonna start by that half, then, i will grow as soon as i start to have portfolio to show to the clients what is the reflection of my quality
And when i will be able to show them, that i am able to grow their sales, then the prices also will grow

Thats the point

Wish u best of luck my friend. cheers


New Member
Never underestimate a good, clean, straightforward, web design.
Fancy just for the sake of fancy is a trend that over complicates a simple message.

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