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Question Editing Mobile version screws up Desktop version?



New Member
I have a question about editing Desktop/Tablet/Mobile independently. I've seen Elementor videos claiming that editing one doesn't affect the others, but this has not been the case for me.

When I try to do something simple like re-order sections to look good on Mobile, I switch back to Desktop version and it's all screwed up (and vice versa). So, I just end up going in circles.

Any help greatly appreciated, thanks so much!! (I use OceanWP theme)


New Member
To add to your question - I have the same but am using I'm using the Hello theme.


New Member
This won't answer your question, but its related so I thought I would add it here anyway - I've been working through a video where the tablet, mobile and desktop versions are all different (no surprise). But whenever I would complete and check one of these, it looked like the others were screwed up (size of text, width, etc etc). I ended up redoing them many times. Then I discovered that to view these correctly, I had to make sure I had selected and was viewing the correct version (whatever a person would see if they went online with a tablet, or a mobile, etc) . After that, even though some of these looked screwed up at various times while I was working with them, I ignored it and everything appears to be ok. It looks like I was redoing my home versions for nothing - they were already ok.


As far as I know reordering sections for different platforms has limitations in Elementor. When you move sections around editing in either mobile or tablet mode, all versions will change accordingly.

However, there are a few things you can do:

- You can change size, text size, padding and margins independent. But when you change it on desktop, it will also change on tablet and mobile. You can change it then afterwards in mobile mode, and desktop will stay as it was. Changing these settings in mobile mode will not affect desktop settings.

- When you have two columns next to eachother, they will show up under eachother on mobile. You can switch the order of them appearing on tablet or mobile. This can be handy when you have a text and a picture going with it on the right side on desktop. In mobile, you probably want the pic first and the text beneath it. When editing the section, this option is under advanced tab > reponsive.

- Also under advanced > responsive, there is an option to hide elements on different platforms. There is where you can really do different things. Create the same thing twice. One time for how you want it to appear on desktop, and one time for how you want it on mobile. Then, set one version to hide on one platform and to appear on the other, and vice versa. Note, that inside the editor, you will always see both versions.

Hope this answers the question.
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